Another ~month has flown by and Rust Nation UK 2024 is nearly upon us! I figured I should sit down ahead of time and plan my schedule to maximise my learning opportunities.

This was much harder than I would have liked, given the number of fantastic talks available. Am hoping that the speakers will make their material available online later for us all 🤓 Anyway here goes…

Tuesday, 26th March 2024

I am attending the “Unlocking the power of Rust: from concurrency to async and beyond” by Ardan Labs.

Wednesday, 27th March 2024

  • 09:45: The path to stable ABI for Rust, by Amanieu D’Antras
  • 11:15: Typed for Safety, by Lachezar Lechev
  • 13:30: Porting Turborepo From Go To Rust, by Nicholas Yang
  • 14:45: Safe Syncing with Atuin, by Ellie Huxtable

Thursday, 28th March 2024

  • 09:45: Unwrapping unsafe, by Tim Mcnamara
  • 11:15: Java and Rust Integration, by Konstantin Grechishchev
  • 13:30: Ambient: A Rust and WebAssembly Runtime for Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games on the Web and Beyond, by Mithun Hunsur
  • 14:45: Bevy: A case study in ergonomic Rust, by Chris Biscardi