Over 26 years of experience in the IT industry, covering a broad range of roles:

  • Systems & Storage Manager / Architect - designing, building, maintaining and managing both physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Field Support Engineer - installation and upgrading virtualised storage and tape library solutions across northern EMEA
  • Software Engineer - developing iOS apps, and their backends, since iPhoneOS 3.1.3 in 2010!

I am completely self-taught.

Current Status

  • I work at Marks and Spencer, plc as a Software Engineering Manager.
  • My family and I our based in Farnham, UK.
  • Actively leveling up my Rust knowledge.

Technologies / Languages

A brief, consolidated, list of the technologies and languages I have experience with:

  • Rust - APIs, GUI apps, games and command line utilities
  • Cloudflare’s product stack - including workers for edge based computing
  • Building Cocoa Touch (iOS SDK) apps and frameworks using Objective-C and Swift, along with distribution via the App Store and/or Test Flight/HockeyApp
  • Containerisation technologies - Docker, Rancher and Kubernates
  • Various Linux distributions - mainly Arch, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux and RancherOS
  • DevOps, CI & CD - GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jenkins and Travis
  • Cloud Computing / Platforms - Cloudflare, AWS and Linode
  • Other - nginx, TLS, Let’s Encrypt, Terraform

Other Interests

I found a real passion for running a number of years ago. Since then have completed numerous 5/10k’s, half, full and ultra marathons. More recently I have taken up swimming and cycling as I wanted to challenge myself with triathlons. I find the exercise and being outdoors brings balance to my day job 😀

Self Development

I have always had an enthusiasm for learning and pushing myself further. As such I am currently focused on Rust.