One of my fitness goals for 2019 was to complete the Plymouth Half Marathon in a time of under 1:30. I have run the half 4 or 5 times previously, with my personal best being 1:36 in 2016.

I had aimed for this time in 2017, but weeks before I was due to start tapering for my first event in February I injured my calf. Frustratingly this would turn out to stop me from being able to start training again for the majority of the year 😔

As mentioned previously, I followed the same training programme I have used successfully in the past Hanson’s Marathon Training Plan. Training had been going well, although my new contract had been extremely demanding on my time, thus my training schedule had gone a little to pot. This was certainly playing at the back of my mind going into the event.

The weather was due to be overcast, cool and possibly wet. Pretty typical for Plymouth weather 😁. I would not go as far as to say my perfect kind of condition, but close enough 💪🏻.

Ok, enough pre-amble… here was the result:

Race Results

The details can be found in the activity on Garmin Connect.

I was a little disappointed to be 3 minutes slower than before, but on reflection:

  • I was extremely pleased to be taking part
  • It was tough - especially towards the end, as I had some of the craziest blisters I have ever had (my performance condition graph says it all)
  • I definitely got carried away at the start and went too fast. I should know better by now!
  • I am not a fan of the new route

Next event: My longest ever ultra… the R.A.T. 64 miler!