UPDATE 2nd Jan 2022: Having self-limited myself to a single task a day, the full migration to Todoist is finally complete 🎉

I have been using Things by Cultured Code since its launch. I do not even recall how long ago that was. From memory, they launched first on iOS and brought their product to macOS later. Going to guess around 2012.

Before then, I likely did not use any form of todo management. I think I used to write stuff down into a text document, with each new line being a discrete task and prefixing each line with a ‘status’. For example:

- I still need to do this
√ This item has been done
? Need to consider something else first

It worked well enough, but obviously has its limits 😁

Things revolutionalised my workflow and was a ‘big upgrade’. I could now set dates, assign to projects and heck even add more information to each Todo!

I remember it seemed to take Cultured Code forever to introduce syncing across many devices, but true to their word when it did finally arrive has performed flawlessly for me.

Two serious limits exist with Things:

  1. It is intrinsically tied to Apple OS’
  2. Collaboration with others

Whilst I could live with (1), as a user of Apple OS’ day-to-day, (2) has become more and more of an issue for me.

Having discussed the other good Todo apps out there with friends, I have now migrated to Todoist Pro and could not be happier. Whilst the details are worthy of another post, the tl;dr is it’s a ‘big upgrade’ 😎